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You dress in grey, you get the nod. It's as simple as that. The most coveted of hill-climbing jerseys has been given a fresh new makeover, featuring references to Hells 500's dark past all wrapped up in a killer design by Pantone GT.

Design features:

  • Grey stripe (yep - you'll have to have done an everesting or HRS ride first)
  • Repeating pattern (hopefully less reps than you had to do to earn it)
  • Cloud re-design (after all, you ARE a keeper of the cloud)
  • Design references representing Hells 500, everesting, and HRS


Jersey technical features include:

  • Misted-silicon pro-length sleeve bands
  • Premium YKK Vislon full length zippers with easy to grab zipper pull
  • Super comfy cloth zipper hood
  • Silicon waist gripper band holds the jersey where it should be
  • Stylish race cut - sits snug and makes you look awesome
  • Technical polyester fabric made from EcoGreen recycled P.E.T bottles
  • Fabric that is hardwearing, comfortable and breathable

About the material:

EcoGreen is a recycled P.E.T with all the technical benefits of a traditional polyester weave but without the associated high petroleum requirement during manufacture. By choosing this material for your Hells 500 jersey you are also assisting in reducing landfill.



[ Model wears medium ]

The cut of this jersey is a snug race cut.Please check the size chart to make sure you get the best fit.